Yuma Bankruptcy Attorney Lawyer Vida Florez has been Disciplined by the Arizona Bar Association.  She "...demonstrated her  lack of understanding of relevant legal doctrines and procedures." 
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Yuma Attorney Vida Florez:
    Attorney Vida Florez was Reprimanded and also in another matter was placed on Probation by the State Bar of Arizona.  Her file reflects, "… she cited obsolete statutes and incorrect rules of procedure, and demonstrated her lack of understanding of relevant legal doctrines and procedures."  This information is from the State Bar of Arizona.

Date Activity Detail
11/30/12 Probation Complete From Case Number: 09-1730, Charges: 1
10/14/11 Reprimand Case: 10-2260, Charges: 1
03/17/10 Probation Case: 09-1730, Charges: 1
03/17/10 Informal Reprimand Case: 09-1730, Charges: 1

Use an Attorney that you feel is competent and trustworthy.
Use an Attorney that you would trust with your LIFE (You are!)
Use an attorney that you feel is honest and reliable.
Use an Attorney that you feel comfortable with and that you Trust.
Before you hire an Attorney ask them if they have ever been Reprimanded or Censured.  
Would you want a doctor that had been Reprimanded or Censured? 
Why would you want an Attorney that has been Reprimanded or Censured?
Most Yuma Attorney's have NEVER been Reprimanded or Censured?


You can go to AVVO (www.Avvo.com)

AVVO rates Attorneys and is impartial.

Click on “Find a Lawyer”

You can either enter Bankruptcy    Yuma, AZ



You can enter an attorney’s name.  Be careful, some attorney’s that you think practice in Yuma are actually not really in Yuma, but in Phoenix.  If you can’t find the Attorney; put in the last name and then search on “Arizona”  That should show you the names of all Attorney’s with that last name that practice in Arizona.  Click on the correct Attorney’s name to get more information.

What to do after you do your search?

Look at ratings, the higher the number the better rated.

Look at reviews.  See what other clients think.

ESPECIALLY:  Look and see if it says Attention – MISCONDUCT or Strong Caution  – MISCONDUCT.  Be wary.  Do your due diligence.  Decide if you want an attorney that has had misconduct problems with the Arizona State Bar.

Another Way to find out about an Attorney

Lawyerratingz has information and client ratings about attorney's in Yuma.  Fill in the Attorney name and you'll find what prior clients think about the Attorney.  You can also add your opinion.

Another Way to find out about an Attorney

The Arizona Bar Association has a list of Attorneys licensed to practice in Arizona and the Arizona Bar Association disciplines Attorneys.

The Arizona Bar Association has Ethics Rules and Rules of Professional Conduct that an Attorney/Lawyer MUST follow.  These Rules were designed to protect the Clients.  Find out if an Attorney has been Disciplined, Censured, Sanctioned, on Probation or Disbarred.  

1.  Look at the Attorney's Disipline record.  (Go to http://www.azbar.org  

2.  On the right where is says, Find A Lawyer, type in the name of the Lawyer/Attorney that you want to check on. 

3.  Press SEARCH.  Click the Attorney's name that you want to search for. 

4.  You will see a section entitled Discipline: 

5.  If the Attorney has been disciplined you will see the Activity and you can click on the Case to find more information.  If the Lawyer has been Disciplined; WHAT IT USUALLY MEANS IS THAT THE LAWYER VIOLATED AN OBLIGATION TO THE CLIENT OR THE COURT.

6.  If the Attorney has been disciplined, that means that the Attorney has, in the past, possibly violated the Ethics Rules and/or the Rules of Professional Conduct.   It could mean that the Lawyer has done things that are unethical, such as violating their duties and obligations as a lawyer.  It could mean that there has been misconduct.  It could mean that the Lawyer didn't properly represent their client.  It could mean that the Lawyer took money that he/she didn't earn.  It could mean the Lawyer charged an excessive fee.  It could mean that the Lawyer didn't properly safekeep the clients property.  It could mean that the Lawyer didn't follow the Court rules.  It could mean that the Lawyer didn't understand the law and/or the Courts rules and/or procedures.  It could mean that the Lawyer didn't communicate with the Client.  It could mean that the Lawyer wasn't competent to handle the matter for the Client.  It could mean that there was a conflict of interest between the Lawyer and the Client. 

(you can learn more about the State Bar of Arizona Discipline of an Attorney by going to:  http://www.azbar.org/lawyerregulation/otherlawyerdisciplinetools/disciplinereports )

What to do if you discover a Problem Attorney:

Help others choose the right Lawyer. 

If you want to warn people about a Lawyer or if you have a problem with an attorney and want to protect other potential or current clients from that Attorney you can Google the Attorney's name and then there is an area where you can write a review right in Google.   

On Avvo you can rate the Attorney’s performance and write a review of your experience. 

You are encouraged to rate and review Attorney’s.  Before you hire an Attorney, wouldn’t you have wanted to know what the Attorney was like.  Even if you discover that there have been prior problems or misconduct, wouldn’t you want to warn other potential clients of what you’ve discovered. 


According to the Bankruptcy Court’s website the following are Attorney’s that practice in Yuma. 

(Listed in no specific order).

(These were Attorney’s that had 341 hearings scheduled on the Bankruptcy Court Calendar on 1-25-2014)

Amanda Taylor

Thomas Allen

Vida Florez

Matthew Thomas Foley

Steven A. Alpert

Kirk Guinn

Phillip Hineman

Jason Chandler Farrington

Katherine Anderson Sanchez

Look these attorneys up in AVVO and through the Arizona Bar Association.  Before you hire an attorney, check them out!  There also might be other Attorney's practicing Bankruptcy Law in Yuma.  Check them out before you retain an Attorney!  (No reference or referral or recommendation is given for or against any Attorney listed.  The list came from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court 341 schedule web site and no recommendation is made for or against any attorney listed.)

(If you have had a problem with an Attorney please let us know:  E-mail:  YumaBankruptcy@gmail.com ) BUT, also let others know by reviewing them in GOOGLE or AVVO.

Both AVVO and the Arizona Bar Association rate and give information on Attorney’s that practice in all legal areas, including Divorce, Personal Injury, Criminal Law, etc.

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What NOT to do!


The bankruptcy court may dismiss your case if the Trustee thinks you have tried to cheat your creditors or concealed assets so that you can keep them for yourself.

Certain activities are red flags to the courts and trustees. If you have engaged in any of them during the past year, your bankruptcy case may be dismissed. These no-no’s include:

1.  Unloading assets to your friends or relatives to hide them from creditors or from the bankruptcy court.

2.  Running up debts for luxury items when you were clearly broke and had no way to pay them off.

3. Lying about anything on the Bankruptcy petition.   

In addition, you must sign your bankruptcy papers under "penalty of perjury" swearing that everything in them is true. If you deliberately fail to disclose property, omit material information about your financial affairs, or use a false Social Security number (to hide your identity as a prior filer), and the court discovers your action, your case will be dismissed and you may be prosecuted for fraud.  Your attorney will not independently check everything that you put on your Bankruptcy Schedules.  He will believe what you tell him.  If you lie, it is you that will face penalties.  All your attorney can do is tell you what you are required by law to do

Don't ignore a lawsuit.  Call an Attorney immediately if you are served with legal papers.  If you are sued or involved in a lawsuit, it is very important that you take them seriously and deal with them immediately. Failure to respond to a legal document or a lawsuit can lead to liens being placed on your home which can impact your ability to file for bankruptcy, refinance or sell your home.  Liens on your property create complications that can make your bankruptcy less certain, more time consuming and more expensive

The following are suggestions:

1. Do not continue to use credit cards after you decide to file the Bankruptcy.

2. For a Chapter 7 petition, an individual is allowed to bank account exemptions.   Discontinue all use of checking accounts two weeks before you will file the petition so that all checks will have cleared before filing. You may use your account again after the bankruptcy petition is filed.

3. If you are involved in any auto accident before or after you file your bankruptcy, you must notify your attorney.

4. If you have direct deposit into your bank account of your paychecks, Social Security, or any other type of income, the filing of your Bankruptcy needs to be timed to make sure that on the day the Bankruptcy is filed that you have used all of the money in the account consistent with the Bankruptcy Laws and Rules.

5. If you have payroll deductions from your paycheck for payment of any type of debt or loan the filing of your Bankruptcy needs to be timed to make sure that on the day the Bankruptcy is filed that you have used all of the money in the account consistent with the Bankruptcy Laws and Rules.

6. If there is any year for which you have not filed a required tax return of any kind, you must mention this to the attorney. If you expect to receive a tax refund, your bankruptcy trustee may claim a portion or all of your refund.  The court is entitled to take the portion (percentage) of tax refund earned for current  year.

7. If there are changes of any kind on the information you have given us on the bankruptcy questionnaire (phone number, address, marital status, employment, income or expenses, sale of any property, additional creditors, etc.), it is important that you notify our office of these changes immediately.

8. If you are keeping your apartment or home, you must make all rental and mortgage payments when due after the petition has been filed. Also make all payments on all secured debts in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy when you want to keep the item.

9. Payments to the trustee in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy must begin 30 days after the bankruptcy petition has been filed.

10. If you move to a new address after the petition has been filed, you must notify your Attorney and the Court promptly. Your Attorney will correct their records and also notify the Court of the change.

11. Do not make any major financial decisions (to buy, sell, or give something away) without checking first with your attorney. Your attorney will discuss with you any possible complications or problems that these actions might cause.

12. If a judgment has been entered against you a lien may have attached to your home or other real property. We recommend you have a title search performed to locate liens. If liens exist, it is possible to remove them by taking appropriate legal action. These services are available for an additional fee.  Hourly rates apply. Talk to your attorney if you believe a lien may have attached to your home or other real property.

13.  Read the Bankruptcy paperwork and the fee agreement that you receive from your attorney.  If you don't understand something, talk with your attorney.   Your attorney will presume that you agree and understand everything that you have been given and signed unless you tell him differently.  Even though your attorney is extremely experienced and intelligent, he cannot read minds.  If you have a question or are concerned about something, ask him about it.
14.  READ and make sure you UNDERSTAND the Bankruptcy Woksheet that your Attorney will give you.


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